[pdftex] animations inside a pdf

Laurent Perrinet Laurent.Perrinet at incm.cnrs-mrs.fr
Thu Jun 1 18:25:00 CEST 2006

>  Do you know if it is possible to inser an animation inside a pdf  
> (Flash clip, or animated GIF), and, if yes, how it can be done with  
> pdflatex ?
the beamer package has such a feature for including multimedia files


(see pages 115--21 of

the problem is that 1) movies are not embedded so that you need to  
keep multiple files 2) that the ability to play those movies is in my  
experience only possible in acrobat reader (means using commercial  
software) and that the playback is dependent on your system (e. g.  
your quicktime in mac os). It would be certainly simpler to include  
an animated GIF (or MNG) as you would include a PNG.

>  Is it possible to generate a figure and to make it move with  
> pdflatex ?
>  I am currently trying to prepare a presentation with pdflatex. I  
> have found the beamer class http://latex-beamer.sourceforge.net/ .  
> Do you use it ? What is better for this kind of document ?
>  Loads of questions, sorry...

I encourage you to use this package! the documentation is excellent,  
and PGF and tikz ( http://sourceforge.net/projects/pgf/ ) are very  
powerful extensions to (easily) draw small sketches in the  



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