[pdftex] define pdf variable and then reference it?

Victor Ivrii vivrii at gmail.com
Thu Jun 1 17:06:14 CEST 2006

On 5/31/06, ivo welch <ivowel at gmail.com> wrote:
> I have a strange question.  I would like to customize a large pdftex
> generated document for everyone who downloads it.  For example, I
> would like to write in the headings of each page "hello, george".
> alas, I do not want to have to re-latex for every downloader.
> One solution would be to turn off all pdftex compression, and then
> look for a very unusual string that I would put into the heading, and
> which would be replaced.  (I know that the typesetting of this string
> may be off.)  Is this the best solution?
> I do not know much about pdf, but if it were to allow me to set a
> variable and pdftex were to allow me to use this variable later, it
> would solve this very elegantly.  something like
>    \pdfdefinevariable{\someheading}{VERYUNUSUALSTRING}
>    \pagestyle{myheadings}
>    \markboth{\someheading \hfill}
> the resolution would occur at display time, not at
> latex-typesetting-compile time.  a simple sed program could replace
> VERYUNUSUALSTRING with "hello, george", and every page heading would
> have "hello, george" on it.
> Is the latter possible?  advice appreciated.

Instead of trying to change pdf why you do not try to change the
source and then regenerate pdf? There are plenty web sites that do it

Victor Ivrii, Department of Mathematics, University of Toronto

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