[pdftex] cmex9 comes out pixelated (Miktex 2.5 installation out of the box)

Peter Schröder ps at cs.caltech.edu
Fri Jul 21 19:35:39 CEST 2006

I just did a brand new installation of Miktex 2.5 beta 13 on my windows 
machine (after uninstalling 2.4 first and choosing the "tidy" option) 
and found that I get pk fonts for integral fences and sums. I kept all 
the defaults in the installation and did nothing beyond the basic 
install. I rummaged around a bit in the psfonts files to see that cmex10 
goes to an outline font (expected behavior) but cmex9 (and cmex7) invoke 
the pk generation machinery.

Is this expected behavior? How do I remedy this? My goal is to have 
outlines only (as the default seems to suggest since it has 
preferoutlines set to true).

Here is a minimal example (invoke with "pdflatex test"):

\int X_D(\omega)\,d\lambda_1^3(\omega)=\sum_i \mu_2^3(R_i).

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