[pdftex] Acrobatmenu{Open}

Antonio Loria loria at lss.supelec.fr
Thu Jan 12 16:29:43 CET 2006


Does any one know how to tell Acroread which specific
pdf to open using \Acrobatmenu{Open}{sometext} ?

e.g. Say I want to write in a slide:

"See the document by clicking here"

and open foo.pdf by clicking on the word "here"

So I type the code

See the document by clicking \Acrobatmenu{Open}{here}

and, somewhere, I'd like to add to the command
\Acrobatmenu{Open}{here}, the field "foo.pdf" so that
Acroread opens foo.pdf as oposed to opening the window
that by default points at "My Documents" on the Desktop
of Microsoft Windows.

Alternatively, I hope someone can tell me how to change the
annoying default location of the command File>Open in Acroread.


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