[pdftex] not all JPEGs are the same???

Martin Schröder martin at oneiros.de
Mon Jan 2 11:54:59 CET 2006

On 2005-12-31 20:40:17 -0500, Todd Salamon wrote:
> I am running MikTex on my PC and pdflatex on an IRIX box. I am using 
> \includegraphics{filename} to include a JPEG file (filename.jpg) in my 
> document.

First: Please read http://www.pdftex.org/README; your mail would
probably better be a bug report. But then we need more
information: Which pdfTeX versions are you running?

> I find that, depending on how I create a JPEG from an EPS file, I am or 
> am not able to have MikTex or pdflatex successfully create a PDF file. 

epstopdf works for most people.


> 1. If I export the JPEG file using the CMYK color model I can create the 
> PDF file using MikTex on the PC, but not using pdflatex on the Unix box. 

Since you don't tell us which pdfTeX versions you use, we can not
know if this has been fixed in recent versions. If you are using
1.30.5 on both plattforms, please file a bug report and attach
the eps and jpeg to it.


> 1. If I convert the file using the RGB (convert -colorspace RGB ...) 
> color model I can create the PDF file using pdflatex on the Unix 
> machine, but not using MikTex on the PC. I get the following error message:

See above.


> 2. If I convert the file using the CMYK (convert -colorspace CMYK ...) 

convert: Invalid colorspace type (CYMK).
Version: @(#)ImageMagick 5.4.2 01/01/02


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