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Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Thu Dec 14 12:13:31 CET 2006

James Quirk wrote:
> On Wed, 13 Dec 2006, Victor Ivrii wrote:
>> On 12/13/06, Martin Schr�der <martin at oneiros.de> wrote:
>>> The new PDF Reference...
>>> http://www.adobe.com/devnet/pdf/pdf_reference.html
>> Now in color (look at Color Plates section which explains the size
>> grown to 31 MB)
> My copy of PDFReference16.pdf has the same color plates as the new 
> pdf_reference.pdf, yet it is only 9.1 MBytes. So I don't think the color 
> plates are responsible for the bloating. But what I've noticed is that 
> PDFReference16.pdf employs PDF1.5, with compressed stream objects, while 
on the mentioned web page there is mentioning of older manuals being compressed (two versions available for download) 

the 1.7 reference has more fonts (also duplicates from embedded docs, so it suffers from the same problem as docs produced by pdftex .. even the same font prefixes but differen tobject numbers) 

anyhow, only 20% of the document concerns content streams; 30% is structure, some 15% is annotations and another 15% is destinations, so 60% of the document is not 'seen on your screen' 

original     32,453,129
pdftexcopy   11,303,102 (using texexec, with object and zip compression)
just zipping 14,882,134 (zip -9) 
acrobatsave  16,510,599 

so, we can safely conclude that Hartmut did a pretty good job with his object stream compression stuff              

concerning size ... tex also suffers from this and the bigger tex gets (more mem), the bigger formats get, which is why pdftex 2+ will use a compressed format (30% smaller size) 


btw, there is also a link for downloading acrobat 8 (for windows) 


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