[pdftex] Georgia font for pdftex

Jan Anderssen jan at fallobst.de
Fri Aug 11 17:28:36 CEST 2006

Hi John.

> I have downloaded the Georgia font in Mac format which hopefully
> can be decoded into a pfb file, and perhaps an afm file. But the
> font is named Georgia.sit.hqx. What free utility will convert the
> file to pfb format for use with pdftex?

That's a truetype font, so as far as my understanding goes, you don't  
need to convert it. To get at the files, unstuff the downloaded file  
(for instance with stuffit expander: http://www.stuffit.com/mac/ 
expander/index.html), and then run "fondu -afm" on the Font Suitcase  
file to create .ttf and .afm files (http://fondu.sourceforge.net/).

To proceed from there, there are a few tutorials that I can see  
through google on how to set up a ttf font for use with pdftex. I  
don't know which ones are recent, recommended, flawed, etc., maybe  
somebody else can help out.


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