[pdftex] Evenly endig Double Column for PDF

Mark Moll moll at ISI.EDU
Thu Apr 13 17:17:15 CEST 2006

On Apr 13, 2006, at 2:39 AM, David Vannucci wrote:
> Sorry if this is in the wrong group, I am not sure what this falls  
> under.
> How can I make my bibtex references for a conference article end  
> evenly on a
> page when I am in double column. The last page has the references  
> but only
> on one side, and I want it to be in both columns evenly.
> I am using \documentclass[twocolumn]{IEEEtran}.

This is the wrong group, but I happen to know how to do this in your  
case. In the IEEEtran class, you can manually even the columns by  
putting this command before your \bibliography{..} command:


Replace 45 with the reference number where you want the column break  
to occur.

With other document classes you can use the multicol package.

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