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>>>>> "Jim" == Jim Diamond <Jim.Diamond at acadiau.ca> writes:

  >> What do you get?

  > Which "you"?  Me?  Or Geoff?

I meant you, Jim.  I assume that I and Geoff get the same output
because we are both using TeXLive-2005.

  > Notice that you are using 1.00, and IIRC the changelog says that
  > 1.00 won't work under plain.

Good to know.

Plain TeX users who have TeXLive-2005 have to update their system.

I just added some code to the programs getnonfreefonts-sys and
getnonfreefonts which are part of TeXLive-2005.  Since these programs
require a Bourne compatible shell, they work with UNIX systems only.

The command

    getnonfreefonts-sys pgf

will install the latest version available from CTAN in $TEXMFLOCAL while

    getnonfreefonts pgf

installs it in $TEXMFHOME.

Geoff, does it work for you?

TeXLive-2006 will certainly do not have the problem but I doubt that
interested plain TeX users want to wait until it is released.


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