[pdftex] GrailTeX -- Yet Another TeX Distribution

Nagy Bence nagybence at tipogral.hu
Fri Sep 30 10:19:42 CEST 2005

Dear TeX-friends,

I made a compact LaTeX-based TeX-distribution which can be very usable 
e.g. for building TeX-based web solutions. GrailTeX is downloadable from


Most interesting features: package-based architecture with dependency 
support, the latest pdfeTeX binary (named grailtex) with unstable 
patches, Latin Modern Type1 fonts instead of bitmapped Metafont Computer 
Modern (EC) files...

There is currently just a minimal documentation on its website.

Any comments are welcomed!

Greetings, Bence

Nagy Bence
-> Magyar Grafika | www.mgonline.hu
-> Tipográl.hu | www.tipogral.hu

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