[pdftex] \pdfximagebbox

Thanh Han The hanthethanh at gmail.com
Thu Sep 15 15:04:49 CEST 2005


I added a new primitive to fetch the BBox of a pdf image.
sources and djgpp binaries updated at pdftex.sarovar.org




- extensions for pdf inclusion:
    - added \pdfpagebox as the default setting for pagebox specification. Value
      specified to individual use of \pdfximage will override this setting. When
      set to 0 CropBox will be used as default.
|       \pdfpagebox=1                 % use MediaBox as default
|       \pdfximage {f.pdf}            % use MediaBox
|       \pdfximage cropbox {f2.pdf}   % use CropBox

    - added \pdfximagebbox to fetch the BBox of a pdf image. The BBox is taken
      from the pagebox associated with the image.

|       \pdfximage {f.pdf}  % CropBox will be use by default
|       \dimen1=\pdfximagebbox\pdflastximage 1    % fetch x1 from CropBox
|       \dimen2=\pdfximagebbox\pdflastximage 2    % fetch y1 from CropBox
|       \dimen3=\pdfximagebbox\pdflastximage 3    % fetch x2 from CropBox
|       \dimen4=\pdfximagebbox\pdflastximage 4    % fetch y2 from CropBox

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