[pdftex] Re: pdftex Digest, Vol 32, Issue 1

ivo welch ivo_welch at mailblocks.com
Thu Sep 1 14:26:25 CEST 2005

>  http://tinyurl.com/9euzj
>The idea is to run your pdf graphics through gs's pdfwrite device to get
>the fonts embedded:
>  ps2pdf13 -dPDFSETTINGS=/prepress foo.pdf bar.pdf
there is a twist here--- /prepress can change orientation in some
cases.  (It tries to be smart.)  Use /printer if you want to keep
orientation, or work with the autoorientation switch.

one problem that I have run into with ps2pdf13 (or its variants,
ps2pdf1[2-5]) is that it does not preserve postscript bounding boxes. 
it seems to like to create single pages.

regards, /iaw

PS: I have also recently conversed with the R-wizards on the r-help
mailing list (see google) to figure out how to get the lucida fonts into
R graphics, in case anyone is interested.

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