[pdftex] Encoding problem with Texfont output.

John R. Culleton john at wexfordpress.com
Mon Oct 24 19:42:37 CEST 2005

I purchased AGaramond from Adobe and prepared it for use in a pdftex
file with Texfont using 8r encoding. However the sequence \'e as specified in 
_The TeXBook_ does not yield an "e" with an acute accent over it
as in communique. So I used \char233 to get the accented e. 

Here is my mapping statement for pdftex:
\pdfmapfile {+8r-adobe-garamond.map}

Here is the font statement:
\font\rm=8r-AGaramond-Regular at 10.0pt

and here is the map file:
8r-raw-AGaramond-Italic AGaramond-Italic 4 < AGaramond-Italic.pfb 8r.enc
8r-raw-AGaramond-Regular AGaramond-Regular 4 < AGaramond-Regular.pfb 8r.enc
8r-raw-AGaramond-RegularSC AGaramond-RegularSC 4 < AGaramond-RegularSC.pfb 
8r-raw-gdsc AGaramond-RegularSC 4 < gdsc____.pfb 8r.enc

I don't like the generated map file much. It seems to me that the
first parameter of each line should not include "raw." 

Is that the problem? If so, how do I coerce Texfont to produce
proper mapping statements ab initio?

John Culleton
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