[pdftex] hyperref URL link and AR7

James W. Haefner James.Haefner at usu.edu
Thu Nov 17 01:20:00 CET 2005

I realize this is probably offtopic, but I'm hoping for a pointer to a
solution.  I use pdfscreen and hyperref to create a presentation to be
viewed by individual readers (not projected on a screen) that contains a
link to an external website.  A fragment of the code is:

{the external webpage}}
Click on \cdurl for more information.

In my Linux (Ubuntu), the link works correctly in xpdf ver. 3.0 (brings
up Konquerer and displays the website), and in Adobe Reader prior to ver
7.  However, in AR7, I get this message:

"The plug-in required by this 'URI' action is not available. Information
about the  missing plug-in may be available on Adobe's website."

I could find nothing on the website, and a plug-in for the reader is not
a good solution for me since it requires individuals to (apparently)
install another piece of software.   What am I (now) doing wrong in my
pdflatex code?  Can others duplicate this behavior on some form of

hyperref version is:   2003/01/22 v6.73n 

Jim Haefner

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