[pdftex] Tagging for making pdf files readable aloud by Acrobat Reader

Christoph Schiller christoph_schiller at gmx.net
Sun Nov 6 14:08:37 CET 2005

A short question that comes up regularly on the internet.
Many people like to listen to texts, instead of reading them.

It seems that if one additional basic command in pdftex would be added, 
\putpdftaghere{tagtype}, one could achieve this also for texts produced 
with tex
or latex.

One could then modify cls and sty files to add the proper tags 
in all major situations (titles, paragraphs, footnotes, etc.) and to 
make a
pdf file readable aloud by Acrobat reader.

Is this approach possible? I would volunteer to change a few sty and 
cls files
for testing, if such a modified pdftex would become available.
If this is possible, the following would be the request in detail:

(1) define the command \putpdftaghere{tagtype} that inserts the tag 
at the place where the command is called

(2) define the command in such a way, that in future it could also 
survive the
tex - dvips - ps2odf route

Is that feasible? Is it a lot if work?

Of course, the approach with sty and cls files will not work with 
That would be a further, much more complex stage in the project, to be
undertaken after this first step.



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