[pdftex] Hover effects in pdftex.

Heiko Oberdiek oberdiek at uni-freiburg.de
Sat Nov 5 18:22:29 CET 2005

On Sat, Nov 05, 2005 at 09:10:44AM -0500, Victor Ivrii wrote:

> Yes, it was my fault: I shifted the topic without changing the
> subject. 

> For me hover
> effect is the side-effect of Commenting and Drawing Markups - the question which
> I was long ago interested in. I think that  Notes could be a nice
> alternative to footnotes

They aren't in general, because many PDF viewers are not able
to display them (xpdf, gs, ...).

Yours sincerely
  Heiko <oberdiek at uni-freiburg.de>

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