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On 11/5/05, Heiko Oberdiek <oberdiek at uni-freiburg.de> wrote:
> On Sat, Nov 05, 2005 at 05:24:08AM -0500, Victor Ivrii wrote:
> > Actually it produced a different pdf much more consistent with the Note
> > type comment.
> In AR7/Linux the style of the "tooltip" is similar to the information
> that AR7/Linux shows for URI links. I don't know what you mean with
> "Note type comment". Do you have a small example (pdf file)?
> > How one can change the color (of the note, not of the text inside) or
> > place a different
> > type of comment?
> As far as I have seen, it is up to the viewer to show the
> string of the /TU setting. Thus the background color of
> the "tooltip" is a property of the pdf viewer and cannot
> be set in the pdf file.

I found color answer:

\pdfannot % generic annotation
width 10cm % the dimension of the annotation can be controlled
height 0cm % via <rule spec>; if some of dimensions in
depth 4cm % <rule spec> is not given, the corresponding
% value of the parent box will be used.
/Subtype /Text % text annotation
% /Open true % if given then the text annotation will be opened
/T (Note)
/C [0 0 .9]
/Contents % text contents
(This is text note)

where /C stays for color.

Adobe knows a bunch of different types of Comments/Drawing markups tools
(as in attached file)

There is a really weird modification of the above ansatz: replacing
/Subtype /Text
by /Subtype /Stamp
produces nothing but a crossed rectangle  in AR7 (+note). However if opened
in Acrobat 7 rectangle is filled with the stamp "Draft". Saving this
file as (without any modification "Save" does not work ) and opening
in AR7 produces the same Stamp.

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