[pdftex] reference to remote document

Aleks Kleyn Aleks_Kleyn at MailAPS.org
Sun May 15 00:53:18 CEST 2005

When I read file in arXiv it is possible to get original tex file and create
on its base aux file. May be in other case you need contact with author of
original document. Without aux file you cannot refer to label in other pdf
file. I will try today to refer to page like was written in other email
today. One of paper that I refer is written on tex and does not have any
label at all, however it is good idea to give reader ability to see theorem
that I refer to.

Aleks Kleyn

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On 5/14/05, Aleks Kleyn <Aleks_Kleyn at mailaps.org> wrote:
> It is enough to have label in original file to refer to it from other
> But you need to have aux file for original text. If you sent your tex file
> for publishing you need to submit it with aux files of text which you
> otherwise publisher will not be able to properly create text.

How then I should place a reference in foo.tex to \label{A} at some.tex so
in foo.pdf (or foo.dvi)  this command returned the same value as
\ref{A} in some.tex?

I understand that this is a general latex question rather than
specific pdftex one
Victor Ivrii, Department of Mathematics, University of Toronto

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