[pdftex] pdfdest question

Geoff Russell geoff at austrics.com.au
Tue May 3 09:11:09 CEST 2005


I'm using pdf links for the first time. Following the example.tex
and have a tiny problem. I run

   $ pdftex first.tex && acroread first.pdf

But when I click on the link the target is rather too high on the
page (just out of sight to be precise).

Is there a trick to fix this - or perhaps to center the target.

All of the fit options look rather useless - why would I want to
muck around with the users magnification?

Geoff Russell.

--------------------------------------start first.tex
\input pdfcolor.tex

This is page one.
\pdfstartlink attr{/Border [0 0 0]} goto name{xxx} \Red `xxxxx'\Black

This is some stuff. and this is more and more
and \pdfdest name{xxx} xyz This is page two.
--------------------------------------end first.tex

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