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I use for this package Babel. My text is
\newcommand\rIshrt{\foreignlanguage{russian}{\cyrishrt}} % for letters which
do not have English analog
\font\fcyrr=wncyr10 scaled \magstep0
{\fcyrr nepreryvny\rIshrt\ po $x$}
This is for Russian text, but you can find code for Chinese. Manual for
Babel you can find in miktex distribution, also on the web. A good support
for multi language is in ftp://ftp.ams.org/pub/tex/doc/amsfonts/amsfndoc.pdf
As well in other manuals on AMS web site
Aleks Kleyn

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Hi All, 


I am trying to use plain pdfetex to produce a pdf document which includes
Chinese text. I understand that pdftex 1.21a includes additional support for
Unicode, however, I could not find any samples or documentation. If anyone
could send me any samples that show how to typeset Unicode Chinese with
pdfetex, I would greatly appreciate it.


Thank you,



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