[pdftex] pdflatex cannot open pdf file for writing on windows

Martin Kolarik martin at mii.cz
Mon Jun 13 10:16:17 CEST 2005

Hi all,

I have problems with new MS XP OpenType fonts -- Calibri, etc. I spent
relatively small time (a half of day) and I have found the following:

-- all fonts do not contains Adobe glyph names (Aacute etc.), strictly
speaking, ttf2afm reports 'post' table is not found,

-- fonts slightly differs each other in kerning -- some of them have kerning
stored classicaly, another of them use OpenType 'kern' feature only

I tried to create afm using ttf2afm, it failed, as ttf2afm cannot acquire
glyph names and so matching with encoding is impossible. So I got afm using
FontLab 4.6 DEMO. In this, after loading font and opening the metrics window
AFM file can be saved, even if it is a demo and AFM is unable to save using
normal 'Export font...' command. Of course, for some font I had to convert
OT 'kern' feature into normal metrics, otherwise AFM would not contain
kerning info.

These AFM were/are OK, including Adobe names, so I managed to create TFM
correctly. But, again of course :-), next failure appeared in pdftex
itself -- pdftex is unable to find glyphs in font file (as it is forced by

So, nothing works :-)

I have a couple of questions:

-- what ttf2afm and 'kern' feature? Would be possible to someday add this

-- what missing Adobe names? I have no exact expiriences with font
organizations and encodings, but would not be possible to add something like
encoding->UNICODE mapping? Would not be a some sort of solution? I think
about it: MAP file would contain one file more, the file would map
characters from encoding to UNICODE character number. Next, pdftex using
OpenType font, would use this ENC->UNICODE mapping to peek the glyph from
the font using its UNICODE number.

I know there is many problems, but I suppose, whenever Longhorn will be
release, more people will try to use these fonts and probably, they will (as
me :-) to use them.  And I know too, that things are more complex and
related to other commont stuffs like tex & UNICODE, pdftex & OT Fonts, etc.,

If you need, I have Longhorn fonts downloaded from INET (yes, they are
there, and moreover, it was noticed, that they can be found from Longhorn
build 5048).

Have a nice day, and thankx,


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Hi all,

many thanks to all your help with the problem. In the end
Akira made for me a special version of pdfopen/pdfclose
which work on windows NT.


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