[pdftex] Re: Landscape and Acroread

Geoff Russell geoff at austrics.com.au
Wed Jul 27 12:50:27 CEST 2005


Thanks for the assistance, I think I've found the "problem" and it's
worth relating.

/pdfpagesattr { /Rotate -90 }

(or without the s)

/pdfpageattr { /Rotate -90 }

both work -- this seems to be "all" that Heiko's pdflscape.sty latex file
does - with lscape.sty dealing with hsize/vsize and the
like (but I'm not using latex, just tex).

If I display the file in acroread (7.0) and without further ado print it,
everything is fine. But in acroread (and xpdf) the text isn't right way
up (the text lines are verticle). So its natural to rotate it so you
can read it. If you do this and then print, it appears that acroread
adds another rotate to the pdf it sends to the printer - which means it
comes out wrong.  Rotate it back the way it was, and it prints fine!

Geoff Russell

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