[pdftex] otftotfm: using OpenType fonts with pdfLaTeX

Michael Saunders odradek5 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 6 09:47:28 CEST 2005

I'm trying to use Open Type fonts with pdfLaTeX by installing them with 
otftotfm (from Eddie Kohler's LCDF Typetools, 

I'm beginning with a simple font, Adobe Trajan Pro.  I ran otftotfm with 
these parameters:

otftotfm -a -e texnansx TrajanPro-Regular.otf -fkern -fcase -fpnum 
otftotfm -a -e texnansx TrajanPro-Bold.otf -fkern -fcase -fpnum 

and wrote the following .fd file:

\DeclareFontShape{LY1}{TrajanPro}{m}{n}{ <-> LY1--TrajanPro-Regular }{}
\DeclareFontShape{LY1}{TrajanPro}{b}{n}{ <-> LY1--TrajanPro-Bold }{}

The whole process ran without errors and my LaTeX document that attempts to 
use Trajan Pro is accepted without warnings.  The problem comes when I look 
at the result with Adobe Reader, which objects "Could not find a font in the 
Resources dictionary - using Helvetica instead".  When I look under document 
properties/fonts, it's not there.  I get similar results for .ps and .dvi 
outputs. Apparently LaTeX is telling me that everything is fine, but doesn't 
embed the font.

Does anyone know what's wrong?

-- m

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