[pdftex] pdftex and metapost and png files

Ryan Van Wagoner whiteviz at gmail.com
Fri Jul 1 06:59:46 CEST 2005


>>>>> "GR" == Geoff Russell <geoff at austrics.com.au> writes:


 GR> When I run metapost with TEX=tex then \pdfimage isn't defined, and if
 GR> I run it with TEX=pdftex then it is producing pdf and metapost can't
 GR> read it. If I change pdftex.cfg to ask for dvi, then the png isn't
 GR> recognised.

 GR> Is there a way around this? I'd prefer pdftex if possible.

One possibility that makes use of pdftex is to use the metafun
extensions to metapost that were developed by Hans Hagen.  The
extensions are included in many of the standard distributions.  To get
an idea of the capabilities, check out the online manual.


Look specifically at section 8.4 - Including Graphics.

Good luck,


Ryan Van Wagoner

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