[pdftex] Strange printing problem

the_shelter pdftex at the-shelter.de
Wed Jan 26 16:49:50 CET 2005

Hello Ulrich,

O.K. I disassembled the pdf file but could not find anything a RIP
should misinterprete.
Solvero when running through the fonts is adding a timestamp to each
font to make sure each font is having a unique id.
Nevertheless the original pdf is just fine and does not flush and also
has produced the same result on 3 different RIPs!!!
I sent the 2 files to the guys at proof-online.de and they were so kind
to run both files through their proofing system. Result:
Both files same output. (same I could do here with limited material)
A guy at proof-online.de, Berni, will contact you maybe today and ask you if you
want these proofs sent to you and in case where.

Maybe you should consider getting reference proofs from some other
place next time you give this printer a job???

Hope that helped,



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