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Fri Jan 14 01:01:34 CET 2005

Dear All,

After some searching through the archive, I couldn't locate an exact
answer to my quandry. Basically, it is this:

Why aren't PDF files generated in LaTeX editable in Acrobat? In my case, I
am using Acrobat 5.0, and yes, unfortunately, must work with a Windows
system. There are various clients who submit LaTeX-generated PDFs, which
are fine to use if they are 'perfect', but it is frustrating not being
able to make changes to them in a Win32 environment.

I'm not certain if there is some underlying code, or lack thereof, which
is responsible for this, or if it's a proprietary issue, etc.

Note that I am limited by what I can do regarding upgrades and so forth.
If Acrobat 6 would solve the problem, I'd gladly take that under
advisement, but there are bureaucratic/financial constraints at my place
of business, so an Acrobat 5 solution would work best.

Thanks much,
D. Milam

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