[pdftex] Linux AR5.0.10 bug?: "Expected a name object" - Radio Buttons

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Tue Jan 11 10:48:24 CET 2005

Marco Loskamp wrote:

> Now, what happened with my file is that I declared a radio *parent* button 
> as an annotation, so that ended up in the /Annots[...] array. BUT: a radio
> button is NOT an annotation, it's only a simple PDF object. So, declaring
> it with \pdfobj solved the problem. I'm soo thrilled it works now!

more precisely: a radio button is a collection of related buttons; each of those 
buttons is an annotation; the relationship between the buttons is defined in the 
parent object (since it is not rendered and has no actions it's an ordinary 

if in your previous attempts the 'parent' was an annotation, it normally should 
not fail because the 'type/subtype keys' would be ignored (keys that don;t make 
sense are mostly ignored); it's probably the print backend that ran into 
troubles, nor being able to render an appearance for your parent (since it was 
mentioned in the annots it had to)


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