[pdftex] Linux AR5.0.10 bug?: "Expected a name object" - Radio Buttons

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Thu Jan 6 12:53:52 CET 2005

Marco Loskamp wrote:

> Would I need to insert additional entries like /NeedAppearances true or
> others in the /AcroForm dictionary to make sure that the appearances are
> generated?

indeed /Need... helps; although the initialization order of pdf is kind of messy 
(different versions of acrobat have different order/priority in 
doc/form/javascript initialization); i happily forgot the small details i had to 
take care of -)

> Even if the document doesn't contain any fonts?  It may very well be that
> I technically produced "correct" PDF code, but that common applications
> assume some "minimal amount of things in a PDF file," like fonts.

indeed, when viewing there are fallbacks that are not the same as when printing 
(sometimes 'print as image' is a way out)

> Any additional input for the "Expected a name object" problem with Linux AR
> 5.0.10 will again be appreciated!

hm, for that i'd have to test in under linux first -)


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