[pdftex] The eqExam Package is available

story at uakron.edu story at uakron.edu
Sat Feb 5 20:05:43 CET 2005

I've just uploaded the eqExam package to my web site at


I think (?) all the bugs are out.

eqExam is a LaTeX package that is used to author exams, tests,
quizzes, homework assignments, etc.  It is a stand alone package that
is tightly integrated with my AcroTeX Bundle. When you take the
'online' or 'email' option, various fields are converted to form fields
that the user can interact with from within the Adobe Reader. 

For the stand alone version, it is sufficient to downlaod only eqexam.zip (and the reference 
manual). If you anticipate using eqExam in its "interactive" mode, you will need to download 
the updated AcroteX Bundle, acrotex.zip. Links to these files are available at the above URL.

Also, if you haven't down so already, you can fill in the TeX/LaTeX Survey document. This 
link is also available at the eqExam home page, given above.

I've probably overlooked something, if so, I'm sure I'll be hearing from someone.

Now, I really must get back to work.


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