[pdftex] referring to table or image?

Axel Belinfante Axel.Belinfante at cs.utwente.nl
Mon Dec 12 23:20:47 CET 2005

>   >> This is one of the reasons, why minimal, but complete examples
>   >> are useful. I don't know anything about \gpicbox.
>   > I'm sorry. Please forget I asked. I'll shut up now.
> Axel, it seems that you misunderstood Heiko.  Nobody wants you to shut
> up.  But providing some more information is quite useful here.

Thanks for the concern. I'm kind of aware of the misunderstanding.

For now I'll google for answers (already found a few);
I'll ask (and try to be complete) when I need more help.

(gpicbox is as in
 it seems that \leavevmode does the trick -- or is that tabu too?)


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