[pdftex] referring to table or image?

Axel Belinfante Axel.Belinfante at cs.utwente.nl
Mon Dec 12 15:07:05 CET 2005

> > \begin{center}
> Adds additional vertical space, \centering avoids this.
> > \centerline{\resizebox{\textwidth}{!}{\gpicbox{graph}}}
> Why \centerline?, \resizebox will already be centered
> (by \begin{center} or \centering).
> > \caption{Some text}
> > \label{fig:some-text}
> > \end{center}
> > \end{figure}

I've read above comments. I browsed l2tabuen.
I'm still confused.

I see how in my above quoted text the centering
of the image is superflous, since it wil be as
wide as the text anyway.

However, when the image is smaller, and I use

\caption{some text}

The caption is centered, but the \gpicbox image is not.
when I use a centerline around it, the image does get

Axel. -- just trying to learn

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