[pdftex] ttf2afm bug: doesn't encode glyphs named like uni01D7

Klaus Bosse Klaus.Bosse at web.de
Sat Aug 27 01:15:37 CEST 2005

ttf2afm, version 1.0, 2005


I'm missing an old feature of ttf2afm:

I have an unicoded True Type Font (8 dot Braille, etc.) and I named the glyphs ('Postscript name') according to the Adobe Glyph naming convention (http://partners.adobe.com/public/developer/opentype/index_glyph.html), that is e.g.
 'uni28FF' for Braille Pattern Dots-12345678.

With an older version of ttf2afm (MikTeX 2.0 ?) ttf2afm mapped these glyphs according to an entry in my private encoding-file PSUNI-LSZB.enc.
Here the last part of the encoding file:
     /uni28EC /uni28ED /uni28EE /uni28EF
% 0xF0
   /uni28F0 /uni28F1 /uni28F2 /uni28F3
   /uni28F4 /uni28F5 /uni28F6 /uni28F7
   /uni28F8 /uni28F9 /uni28FA /uni28FB
   /uni28FC /uni28FD /uni28FE /uni28FF
] def

Here an entry from the resulting (old) rzsmb.afm
"C 255 ; WX 600 ; N uni28FF ; B 146 47 466 636 ;"

The new (?) version of ttf2afm (verion 1.0, 2005) ignores all glyphs with such names:-(. 
When I call
"ttf2afm -e PSUNI-LSZB.enc -o rzsmb.afm smuni.ttf"
I get only entries in rzsmb.afm beginning with "C -1;" or nothing at all.

Hope someone can help me

Klaus Bosse

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