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Ralf Utermann Ralf.Utermann at Physik.Uni-Augsburg.DE
Fri Aug 5 10:41:31 CEST 2005

Heiko Oberdiek wrote:
> hyperref has no support for changing the AcroForm object.
> But you can define your own object:
> \usepackage[...]{hyperref}
> ...
> \pdfobject{
>   <<
>     /Fields []
>     ...
>   >>
> }
> \edef\OBJ at acroform{\the\pdflastobj}
> ...
> \begin{Form}

I tried this, but whatever I add to this object (like
a line: /CO [10 0 R] ), it never get's written to the pdf file.
Looks like the Form environment always writes its own
AcroForm object.[I would still need the TextField object
number and don't see how I could get this. And I would
need to write this below the Form environment]

When I look at the object numbers, \pdflastobj is 4
immediately after \begin{document}, then 7 after
the \pdfobj definition, then does not change anymore which
Form and TextField definitions:

pdflastobj: \the\pdflastobj
    /CO [10 0 R]
    /Fields []
\edef\OBJ at acroform{\the\pdflastobj}

pdflastobj: \the\pdflastobj

pdflastobj: \the\pdflastobj

In the resulting pdf file the AcroForm object is number 4
and 7 is the page list object, whether I include this \pdfobj
or not.

Thanks for any further help, Ralf

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