[pdftex] Getting Acrobat Reader to refreah like Xpdf

Thierry Bouche thierry.bouche at ujf-grenoble.fr
Wed Sep 22 13:06:21 CEST 2004


J> As an inferior subsitute one could I suppose fire it up and
J> ask it to open at a given page number.

If you're in situation of compiling and checking under windows, you
simply need to make sure that the PDF is closed before every
compilation, and you reopen after compilation with the back function.

I have my Xemacs+Auctex under windows set up like that:

latex = pdfopen --file %s.pdf & pdfclose --file %s.pdf &  -interaction=nonstopmode -efmt=pdfelatex %t

pdfopen/pdfclose are simple programs in fptex making calls to acrobat
through DDE connections. It appeared that pdfclose could not init the
connection by itself, thus the previous pdfopen that doesn't hurt if the
PDF is already open...

I compile in xemacs with C-c C-c CR
I switch to acrobat window with Alt-Tab
I press Alt-left arrow to be back in the PDF at the last opened view.

And I'm happy with that, especially given that acrobat is fast and has a
very good display quality.

J> The objective is of course a semi-wysiwyg process for pdftex development. I
J> can do it on Linux with xpdf, but xpdf doesn't run on Windows AFAIK.

I thought it was. Anyway, you could also use ghostview, which does also
refresh automatically. The problem I faced quite many times is that,
when compilation is long, it tries to reopen the unfinished PDF file,
and displays errors. This takes then more time to go back to the page
you want to look at...


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