[pdftex] Cropping bottom margin off one-page documents.

jackos jackos1 at poczta.onet.pl
Wed Sep 22 07:59:04 CEST 2004

Reinhard Kotucha wrote:

>>>>>>"Jean-Christophe" == Jean-Christophe Dubacq <jean-christophe.dubacq at ens-lyon.org> writes:
>     > On Wed, Sep 22, 2004 at 12:27:17AM +0200, Reinhard Kotucha
>     > wrote:
>     >> If you edit the PDF file manually, then check whether your file
>     >> can be read by Adobe programs.  At least if you intend to give
>     >> it away.  Checking with Adobe software is always a good idea.
>     >> It's the smallest common denominator.  If Adobe software is
>     >> able to process a PDF file you can be sure that any other
>     >> program produces correct output.
>     > Far from it: do not try to use transparency effects (I did, and
>     > had really bad surprises there, when going to the print shop).
> AFAIK this is a known issue.  I suppose that you need AR-6 for
> transparency which doesn't exist (yet) for Linux[...]

But the real problem is not a lack of AR6 under linux. Transparency 
hurts while RIPping on devices which do not support transparency :-) 
Although `transparency problem' is one of the most common, there is MUCH 
more things that Homo TeXus should be aware of.

In example, some older RIPs might not accept imposition made on the base 
of XObjects. Does it mean that you should avoid XObjects? Some RIPs also 
do not Type3 fonts (commonly used in TeX), others hate inline images 
(produced by Corel), and some of them abort jobs that contains layers 
(pdf 1.5 Optional Content), although this feature is implemented with 
backward compatibility. The list is much longer and in my opinion, it is 
impossible to fit all needs of all RIP devices.

Regards, Pawel

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