[pdftex] Cropping bottom margin off one-page documents.

Michael Chapman pdftex at mchapman.com
Sun Sep 19 10:38:28 CEST 2004

I have several thousand one-page pdf-documents that I wish to trim the white 
space off the bottom of.
Using 'pdfcrop' (and re-creating the top, left and right margins using the 
"--margins" flag in 'pdfcrop') gives the required layout.

Unfortunately the passage through 'gs' that 'pdfcrop' (I think) uses kills 
the hyperlinks.

I have thought of using the basis of 'pdfcrop' and measuring the bounding box 
for each document, and then recreating all the pdf-documents using 'geometry' 
to set the page lengths file-by-file.

Is there a neater solution?

	Michael Chapman.

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