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On Mon, 6 Sep 2004 Nicola Talbot submitted a new version of his package 

Announcement text:
Provides various different formats for the command \today, and also 
provides the command \currenttime to display the current time (in various 
formats).  The commands \newtimeformat and \newdateformat are provided to 
allow the user to customise \today and \currenttime.  The command \pdfdate 
is provided for use in \pdfinfo.  In addition, there are macros for 
displaying the value of LaTeX counter as an ordinal (e.g. \ordinal{page} 
would print 3rd if the current value of page is 3, and 
\ordinalstring{page} would print third) as well as macros for displaying 
the value of LaTeX counter as a string hange format of \today with 
commands for current time.         

The package was installed in


the license type is lppl.

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