[pdftex] Making a list of Abbreviations

David Vannucci d.vannucci at ee.wits.ac.za
Tue Oct 19 09:05:43 CEST 2004

Hello All,

I have looked on the web quite a bit but it does not help, what I would like
to do is:
 in my document when I define a term I would like that term and the
abbreviation to appear in a section called Abbreviations , I would like to
be able to do the same for Symbols.
For example
An Application Server (AS) offering value added IP Multimedia (IM) services
Mw is the Reference point between ...

I would like to write this as
An \def{Abbreviations|AS}{Application Server} offering value added ...
\def{Symbols|Mw}{Reference Point between ...} is the Reference point between

Please could someone point me to the correct packages to use and how to
create groups like Symbols and Abbreviations


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