[pdftex] Can hyperref.sty produce an artificial-End-Of-File?

twma at maths.uwa.edu.au twma at maths.uwa.edu.au
Sat Oct 9 09:16:39 CEST 2004

Can hyperref.sty produce an artificial-End-Of-File to fool Acrobat Reader?

--- Thanks to both Ross Moore and James W. Haefner for working solutions to
my question on ***Supremacy (?) of pdflatex***. The solutions were not
exactly what I expected. The following might be a solution *IF* ---.
        Thank you in advance.

\documentclass[12pt,a4paper]{article}  %twmaEndFile.tex
\usepackage[pdftex, pdfpagemode=fullscreen]{hyperref}

Page 1: Question\\
Can we produce an artificial-End-Of-File to stop Acrobat Reader from
displaying the subsequent pages by Acrobat-nextPage-button? An
artificial-End-Of-File is DIFFERENT from the actual-End-Of-File.

\rightline{twma at maths.uwa.edu.au}

More precise example: (Please compile this file).\\
There are 4 pages in the pdf-file produced by this source tex-file.
\Acrobatmenu{NextPage}{\fbox{NextPage}} page is a dummy.  This button
\Acrobatmenu{LastPage}{\fbox{LastPage}} should take you to the
artificial-End-Of-File on page 3.  This is the place that requires your
\hyperlink{alternativePage2}{\fbox{Jump}} to page 4 (which is an alternative
of page 2) located after the artificial-End-Of-File.

Page-2, 222, (dummy)
\Acrobatmenu{NextPage}{\fbox{Next}} page.

Page-3, 333, as far as the peron reading the pdf-file is concerned, this is
the last page. This is the artificial-End-Of-File.

Question: Is it possible to stop Acrobatmenu\{NextPage\}
\{\Acrobatmenu{NextPage}{\fbox{NextPageButton}}\} to proceed to next page?
Note that the NextPage button may be part of the global page style that is
independent of individual page and may be difficult to change locally.

Question: Can we override a local Acrobat-button?

Page-4, 444, alternative of page 2.
This page should not be called by any Acrobatmenu-buttons. It is displayed
only by reference to hyperlink.
\Acrobatmenu{GoBack}{\fbox{Go back}} to page 1, 111. This is NOT supposed to
be the last page as far as the viewer is concerned. This is the


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