[pdftex] Supremacy (?) of pdflatex

twma at maths.uwa.edu.au twma at maths.uwa.edu.au
Mon Oct 4 06:39:18 CEST 2004

Sorry, I did not make myself clear. Please compile the file and then it
should be more clear.

My question has nothing to do with memory (I think) because it is SO SMALL.
It contains only one big page (size: a4-paper) and three minipages on top of

It is IMPOSSIBLE for the paper version (like the old book) to hold three
minipages at the same location (or position) of the big page.

Is it possible for pdfLatex to produce one-page pdf-file containing three
minipages which are all located at the same lower right hand corner (for
example)? People can read each minipage one after another by clicking a 
button near the location of the minipages. If this has been done, I consider
that the dynamic pdf-files are more superior than the static conventional
books.This is what I mean by supremacy.

I hope that I can make myself more clear now. Thank you for your attention.

twma at maths.uwa.edu.au                 (one-year-old, Latex-baby).

>> \documentclass[12pt,a4]{article} \begin{document}
>> It is IMPOSSIBLE for the paper version to hold three minipages at the
>> location. Is it possible as part of the supremacy of pdfLatex with
> i dunno what you mean with supremacy, but pdftex is just tex, with an
extra backend; so, if you run into memory problems, all tex's in web2c
will suffer from it, unless the memory settings in texmf.cnf are
> (if you run pdfetex, it may also be that you have more registers but i
guess that that's not your problem)
> Hans
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