[pdftex] Overprint/Knockout with \pdfobj / \pdfximage

JEBs JEBs at shbe.org
Tue May 25 21:38:03 CEST 2004

> I can't help you with the technical angle, but I have encountered this 
> sort of difficulty before and've fixed it on an ad hoc basis in the 
> past by printing the .pdf to PostScript from Adobe Acrobat Reader v4 
> using LaserWriter driver v8.6 on either Mac OS 8.6 or 9.0.4 with 
> ``Force Language Level 3'' checked, but the PostScript settings set to 
> emit Level 1 PostScript and then redistilling the resultant PS file.
> Why this works, I dunno, but it does, and those are the only settings 
> I've found which accomplish the task reliably (you wouldn't believe 
> what it took in furious efforts and spurious attempts and error 
> messages to puzzle the above out).

Buoa, I can imagine ;) but unfortunately it's not the way I can go 
because my resulting PDF will be somewhat around 500-800MByte in size.
In addition I'll have about 14 different language kinds for each of them :/

Therefore I need another solution, at last I'll use the hexeditor but 
currently I've still hope that someone knows how to use it ;)


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