[pdftex] it was a bug in TeXshop, fixed in v. 1.34

Paul Campbell campbell at beloit.edu
Tue May 11 21:40:27 CEST 2004

Dear Paul,

Too bad you are still using v. 1.31. of TeXshop. Time to upgrade to 
the latest! I went to TeXshop Web page and found:

Bug Fixes in 1.34
*	Printing now respects the "scale" setting in Page Setup. It 
does not respect the "paper size" setting since paper size is set in 
teTeX. Printing works like this: the dimensions of the printed 
document are set by tex and encoded in the pdf file; this pdf is 
resized by the scale factor if this factor is not 100%, but otherwise 
is placed full size and centered on the printed page; usually the 
document size and printed page size are the same, but in rare cases 
when they are not, the edges of the document might be cut off.

I am surprised that this bug went unfixed (or unreported) for so 
long. I had intended to report it until I found the above.

Of course, this does not explain why scaling is not respected by 
Acrobat in printing the document, but no doubt there is something in 
the code of the pdf document that frustrates the Page Setup setting.

Thanks to Ross Moore (Macquarie U, Australia) for his response, which 
helped eliminate everything but the bug possibility.

Now just hope that the bug truly is fixed...

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