[pdftex] multipage pdftex files fail in Acroread5 fullscreen mode

John Lawless jlawless at redwoodscientific.com
Wed Mar 31 00:57:35 CEST 2004

     I have several PDF files (generated with pdftex) which display
display fine in an acroread5.08 window but which fail in acroread's
fullscreen mode (View->Full Screen or Ctrl-L).  Two types of
problems occur in full-screen mode only: (1) some pages are
blacked-out, and (2) PgDn or PgUp often cause the page to advance
two at a time, making the in-between pages inaccessible.

     The pdftex files display fine under xpdf, ghostview, and acroread4
(both regular and full-screen mode).  I have only observed the problem
with Acroread5.08 fullscreen mode.  Acroread5.08 displays pdf files
generated by other software without problem.  I have also tried this
with files generated by several versions of pdftex (through 1.11a) and
the problems are the same.  All tests were done under Linux i386.

     Full screen mode is important for presentations as a MS PowerPoint

Thanks for your help.


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