[pdftex] Embedding Base14 fonts

Ulrich Dirr ud at art-satz.de
Sat Mar 27 17:25:27 CET 2004


after a long time I have to use Times and Helvetica again. Please
apologize me for not being aware of the current status.

I installed the latest psnfss and compiled the test docs. When looking
at test1.{tex|pdf} with some Times and Helvetica text strings inside I
suddenly realised that this isn't Times at all!!

Then I looked into the pdftex doc which states:
"Note that the standard 14 fonts are never downloaded, even when they
are specified to be downloaded in map files."

But TimesNewRomanPSMT is definitely not the font I want to use. Just
look at the different diacritics. Quelle débâcle!

Anyway, I found some interesting discussions which all concluded that
I should just use the URW variants -- promising that they are the
same. But of course they are not! The eacute as an example misses the
hinting, and uses different control points (probably because of
copyright thoughts).

So there are two questions. Is there any good reason why pdftex
patronizes me (I really can't understand this)? Is there a legal and
reasonable way out of this unsatisfactory situation?

Best regards,
Ulrich Dirr

P.S. Maybe I can persuade my client to use Helvetica Neue instead ;-)

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