[pdftex] texinfo / pdftex questions

John Blevin blevin at lucent.com
Thu Mar 25 23:33:01 CET 2004

John Blevin wrote:

> @deffn Command foo foo_args
> foo body...
> #end deffn
> How can I print out an index of the "Command" items?

I figured it out: place a '@findex foo' just before the @deffn
line.  And, can name the Function index "Command Index".

Also:  found out about the 'texindex docname.??'

> 2 - What can I insert in the texinfo file, to cause the @deffn
> command to show up as an entry in the PDF bookmark pane?
> The pdftex marks @chapter, @section etc. but not @deffn...

Still need an answer for this one...

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