[pdftex] Update: AcroTeX Bundle

story at uakron.edu story at uakron.edu
Wed Mar 24 02:31:30 CET 2004

Just uploaded a new version of the AcroTeX Bundle:



(1) I've separated the eForms support from the Exerquiz package. 
eForms is now a stand alone package that is called by Exerquiz.  
Document developers can now use PDF forms without having to 
use the AcroTeX Bundle.

(2) Created support for a "progressive-style" question. A question
in a multipart question may depend on correctly answering earlier 
parts of the question. I've added a new \@PromptButton for this 

(3) Created a new mathGrp environment. Here you can group 
together serveral math fill-in questions. Useful, for example, with 
vector or matrix questions.



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