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Marc van Dongen dongen at cs.ucc.ie
Tue Mar 23 17:55:53 CET 2004

* Kester Clegg <kester at cs.york.ac.uk> [2004-03-23 15:55:37 +0000]:

: "Herbert Voss" <Herbert.Voss at alumni.TU-Berlin.DE> writes:
: > should be possible with the new pict2e package.
: Mmmm, that is very new!  Looks interesting, but just glancing through it
: I don't see how to do curved lines of text?  It's great to be able to
: draw *and* use pdflatex though.

Than why not use metapost?
See the following for some links:


(don't forget to check out Jean-Michel Sarlat's excellent site
 at http://melusine.eu.org/syracuse/metapost/).

Alternatively, you can have a look at page 14 and further of


for an example of what you can do with metapost (and probably
can't do with pict2e [but I didn't check:-]).


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