[pdftex] circled text

the_shelter pdftex at the-shelter.de
Tue Mar 23 17:56:13 CET 2004

Well I started the thing... and now I hope I can bring something back.
Thanks to all the tips and links. I agree: It's a shame pdftex cannot
do this ... YET.
>Mmmm, that is very new!  Looks interesting, but just glancing through it
>I don't see how to do curved lines of text?  It's great to be able to
>draw *and* use pdflatex though.

The answer sarts here:

Page 31.

I'll let you know how I proceed or if I end up writing my own module
for pdftex.
Or maybe there is some hidden genious out there already approaching
this subject- I'd be more than happy to see this thread live on a
little to see what else workarounds might exist for the moment.


'OS/2? What's that? Half of an Operating System?'

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