[pdftex] Character protruding error by font expasion

Nagy Bence tipogral at freemail.hu
Fri Mar 12 02:58:32 CET 2004

Hi Hartmut,

> > Funnily, when manually replacing font /F6+25 in this
line by /F6+30,
> > it is ok. Seems that the protruding hyphen _is_ there,
only the line
> > is too short (which doesn't help you). A question for Thanh.

search for "right margin" in the log file, the missed line
shows "kern-0.0 (right margin)" at this point.

And make a small experiment: change the font loading part of
my example to

\font\Test=cmr10 at 10pt
\font\Main=grailregular at 10pt

There will be no more protruding error bottom but in the 3rd
line top. 



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