[pdftex] How to set Right Edge binding attribute in pdfLaTeX?

Tanmoy Bhattacharya tanmoy at qcd.lanl.gov
Mon Mar 8 18:03:53 CET 2004

In <16459.50975.275281.550249 at zarniwoop.ms25.local>
 dated 02:06:39 +0100 Monday March 8, 2004,
 Reinhard Kotucha writes
 >     > And also, if a linebreak was introduced then I want
 >     > the following line indented (say by 2ex) even if 9ex fitted
 >     > nicely at the end of the previous line, so it would look like
 > This is quite difficult.  Maybe it is best to do it manually.  You
 > cannot use \parshape because you don't know *where* this occurs in
 > advance.

\discretionary{}{\hbox{\hspace{2ex}}}{} instead of \hspace{0pt}


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